Pet Trends – 2017

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October 30, 2017
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Pet Trends – 2017

We’ll take a look back at some of the top pet trends from this past year. Whether you find them weird or wonderful, they are definitely unique, to say the least.

Now, anyone who’s lucky enough to have four-legged friend will know they are more than just a pet, and if you’re looking for some new and innovated ways to spoil them, then read on to decide if you’ll pass on that fad, or fall in love with some of these quirky ideas.

Yoga, You & Your Pet

Dog Yoga, or as many refer to it as….. Doga! Yes, yoga you can do with your dog! Early this year in the run up to summer this trend became hugely popular, and has quickly accumulated a vast following. Many of you may wonder how on earth yoga and your dog can be a beneficial combination, but be assured there are many positives to enjoying this activity together. After all, isn’t everything better when you can bring your dog along?

If your already concerned that your pooch will miss behave, then worry not. The idea is to just bring your dog along for their first few classes to acclimatise to their surroundings, and soon enough you’ll be amazed at what you see. You might already notice your pets’ morning bow routine, which translates into downward facing dog pose for humans. Or even that stretch your dog loves to do, leaving their legs behind them for maximum length, this for us, would be the Cobra pose. You see, dogs are naturals at yoga and are great at adapting, so don’t try force them into participating, just simply let them be dogs, and their curiosity will bring them to you.

Eventually you and your dog will be seasoned pros and enjoying something other than the usual trip to the dog park.

Pet Food Trends

It’s apparent nowadays, that pet owners look for the same enrichments in pet food as they do in their own food. That means, no longer are we feeding our fury friends generic dry kibble or the usual wet food, but instead searching for nutrition, freshness, and diverse ingredients. Some of the top trends in the pet food industry from this past year are here.


So how many do you consider essential?


  • Nutrition – Just like humans, Dogs need their diets adjusting as they age. Selecting foods with specific nutritional values will go a long way to keeping your pet strong and healthy.
  • Ingredients / Superfood – It’s already well established in our own diets so why not implement these new food fads into your pets’ meals. Offering them diverse options of ingredients will help your picky eaters experience new tastes that are also great for their health. Such ingredients are broccoli, apples, honey, pumpkin, and so on. Although, be sure you know that what you are giving your dog is suitable for them.
  • Freshness – When you picture dog food, you instantly imagine tins of wet food where the use by date will last years! Many people are now choosing to feed their dogs fresh meals and fresh ingredients, and veterinarians are supporting this decision. It’s not complicated, the better your dog eats, the better off they are. Just another way to spoil your family friend.
  • Specialised Pet Treats – In the pet food industry the number of categories is endless, and now you can find specialised treats across stores everywhere. Available, and increasingly popular, are pet friendly ice creams, which are fantastic for the summer time and a great way to cool your pup down on those hot summer days.

Paddle Boarding

Does your dog love water! Then Paddle Boarding may the sport for you both. Enjoy some early morning paddle boarding sessions, and bond with your dog. Let them run along the beach and then hop on your board and have some quality time with your friend. This trend is picking up momentum with people choosing to participate in paddle boarding classes that recommend you bring your dog along. If your pooch isn’t a fan of the sea, baths, or even rain, then perhaps give this one a miss.

Pet Hotels

It’s not uncommon for certain hotels to promote that they are pet friendly. Well now, there is a whole new meaning to the term doggy day care. These new dog day-care centres, boarding and spas are popping up everywhere it appears, and the demand for these hotels are high. If you’re going away for a few days and can’t bear to leave your pet in standard shelters, and want to give them the home luxuries they are used to, then these Dog Hotel are worth checking out.

Take a look at this site to see the top 5 Luxurious Pet Hotels. HTTPS://

Top 5 Christmas Presents for your Pet – 2017

What better time to show your dog just how much they mean to you then Christmas!


DNA Tester – Ok this one isn’t so much for your pet, by pet owners. Ever wondered if your dog was 100% the breed you thought they were? Get the impression your dog may have some other breeds attributes? With the DNA testers you can easily find out and may be amazed at the results. Simply follow the instruction and post back to wait for your results.


Kong – If you haven’t yet heard about the Kong toys, then you’ve been living in a cave this past year. Perhaps one of the top rated pet toys thanks to its durability and diversity. These toys are great for all dogs, from those who seem to be able to destroy any toy within minutes, to pets suffering from separation anxiety when left alone. With the Kong toys, which are available in multiple sizes, you can fill them with your dog’s favourite treats to keep them occupied for ages.


Pet Tepee’s – These are a super cute trend that’s quickly catching on. Most appealing to small dogs who love to snuggle up somewhere cosy. Treat your pet this year with a step up from a usual dog bed.


LED Dog Balls – These are a great idea for those who have no choice but to walk their dogs late at night or early in the morning, and still want to play fetch. Don’t let the sun going down stop you from enjoy some play time with your pet. Also, now we understand more and more in terms of what dogs see visually, this is a great way to stimulate their minds that bit extra. Spoil your pup and watch them go crazy for these LED balls.


Dog Peek Window – Do you have a rather curios dog? Does your pet jump excessively at the fence to get a peek at who’s behind it? People have started installing Peek Windows for their pooches. A round spherical window pane that can be installed into any wood fence, ideal for snooping on their neighbours.

With all the special ways to show your dog you love them; this year has come up with some truly unique trends. Whatever you and your pet love to do, we say, do it together!


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